our story

Max, our office dog was snoring in the corner, paws stretched out on the floor. It’s our “background music.
When he’s not running around the office begging for treats or to go on walks, he’s usually curled up under the desk napping, and snoring.
He loves coming to work, almost as much as going on adventures.
But traveling with a pet can be difficult.
We needed the right gear to carry him on hikes through the mountains, or tough trails where it would be difficult, or dangerous, for him to walk by himself, no matter how much he preferred it.
We tried everything on the market: all kinds of harnesses, leashes, travel kennels, travel doggie bowls. You name it, Max put them to the test.
None of them were very good.
“Why don’t we just design pet travel products ourselves?”
“Hey! That’s a great idea!”
That’s how Pawaboo began: an exhausting search for great travel gear for Max, the snoring office dog.
Bet you’ve run into the same problem?
You love your furry, feathered, or scaly friends, and you love to travel. You would love to take them along while you ford streams, conquer mountain peeks, stroll along sandy beaches, or tramp through old growth forests.
But you worry about their safety and comfort, or maybe they’re older and don’t like to walk as much as you do. How can you carry them in comfort without breaking your back?
We began with innovative travel harnesses, seatbelts, and backpacks, but soon realized pets and their people needed and wanted other things, too.